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  1. Hilary Searing

    You are welcome to have a link to my Barefoot Social Worker website (above). My articles on child protection recognise the dysfunctional nature of the system and are aimed at encouraging constructive debate on how to improve social work practice.

  2. phillimoresarah Post author

    Thanks Hilary, would you mind if I linked your article about being a Children’s Social worker on our Social Work page?

    1. Tj

      Im sorry to say . You are incredibly trying to insult people on here’s intelligence …. [Redacted. If you can make your point without being personally abusive, I am happy to publish it. If you can’t, I won’t]

  3. Sarah Phillimore

    Thanks – that looks interesting, would be good to link it to posts about getting help. This is perennial problem in care proceedings – all agree parent would benefit from some kind of therapy but no one will pay for it.

  4. Debbie

    My 3 Childern as Be Adpoton & Social Serivces take them away from me
    I frigth Children Social Serivces At Court be their Win the Case I was so upset & Crying I miss my Kid’s so much. So Children Social Serivces say to me I Can’t see My Children no more Because Their say to I got a Learning Disabitiles & said I can’t look after Myself .Be I can Because I was not Dignoie with a learning Disabitlies bye no Doctors or Never Been to Hospiceal for people with learning Disabitlies, So I just want my 3Kids Back with me I just need Some Help.

    1. Sarah Phillimore Post author

      I am really sorry that you are so unhappy. Is there anyone you can talk to in real life? You have gone through a horrible experience and you need someone you can talk to. I am afraid I can’t give you any help here – I don’t know what’s happened in your case or the reason your children were taken away. Can the LA offer you any support? Could you try the Family Rights Group?

      1. Angelo Granda

        Other parents can read between the lines of your message , Debbie. I can see that you are another victim of a horrible,inhumane system . You have been left behind in a hole and hung out to dry!
        Debby, please answer these easy questions for me ,if you can?
        Did the Social Worker tell you where to go to get an advisor to help and support you ( an advocate) before they took your children?
        Has anyone been to see you now court is all over or are you left on your own?
        Are you still going to see your children every week ?

  5. Angry mum

    I need help. In care proceedings. L.a want removal to care with f.c.o and placement order.
    The l.a have updated the threshold. My barrister says we do not agree and is now helping the l.a to tweak it so that we do agree the threshold is past.
    Is my barrister allowed to do this?
    3 day final contested hearing THIS WEEK COMING 26/27/28 September 2016.
    Please advise

  6. Angelo Granda

    As a parent, the only help i can give you is that you engage with your lawyers as you have done and follow their advice. Also google The Family Rights Group and they will advise you and put you in contact with other help organisations..They have a telephone helpline and they can provide positive case assistance.
    Also ,if the CS have conducted your case correctly,they will have advised you of your right to an independent advocate who ,axxording to statute,is able to attend meetings with you,intervene and support you agaixt the LA.
    Get an advocate and he will explain concerns to you.If you disagree with any, your views must be circulated amongst other professionals .If they aren’t ,they are bound to make misinformed appraisals as a result.They have to be aware of both sides.

    This site does not normally advise on specific cases , it is set up as a general discussion forum.
    I am not trained or a solicitor etc. I am an ordinary parent. My general impression is that parents who contest threshhold criteria are considered uncooperative and unable to work with the CS.So a fco can be issued on those grounds.Parents who agree the threshhold will be deemed to have admitted causing neglect, risk of future significant harm etc and the fco will be issued anyway. They can’t win on threshhold which are very low and the LA evidence won’t be examined rigidly anyway.
    The vital issue is the CARE PLAN and placement orders cannot be issued unless all less serious alternatives have been considered. Often the CS forget that duty.Family Support can solve all but the most dire cases.
    Hope this helps.For specific case advice, contact the FRG.

  7. Veronica Edwards

    My story on scandals with authorities to steal my child and gave to a men that isn’t her father. There are serious frauds going on within Police social services and school. To stealing peoplespecially children.


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