Financial and Housing Advice

Financial help/advice

Section 17(6) of the Children Act 1989:

ADT Fourth World -a human rights-based, anti-poverty organisation with more than 40 years experience of engaging with individuals and institutions to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty in the UK. Runs a family support programme.

Benefits Guide 2017 – In the United Kingdom, millions of pounds in benefits is left unclaimed every year. A staggering amount of people could greatly benefit from this help, yet many are simply unaware of their entitlement.

Benefits – a free to use resource which provides clear and comprehensive information on all available UK welfare benefits as well as guidance on benefit applications, appeals, emergency assistance & legal help.

Buttle UK – to give children and young people living in poverty a fighting chance. Operates grant programmes to buy basic items.

The Royal National Children’s Foundation – a charity which helps vulnerable children and young people in Britain whose circumstances are seriously prejudicial to their normal development and where no other care is available. It can provide grants and boarding school placements for children aged 7 – to give children and young people living in poverty a fighting chance; offers grants to buy essential and basic items.

Citizens Advice Bureau – free and independent advice, help with managing debt.

Christians Against Poverty – free help with managing debt, a national charity that wants to lift people out of debt and poverty.

Family Action – a leading provider of services to disadvantaged and socially isolated families since its foundation in 1869. They work with over 45,000 children and families a year by providing practical, emotional and financial support through over 100 services based in communities across England. It runs a small grants programme, dealing with welfare and education issues.

Local Welfare Assistance Scheme – use this map from the Children’s Society to find assistance local to you following the abolition of the crisis loan and community care grant schemes.

National Debt Line – Use the on line advice service or call 0800 808 4000 for help.

Money Advice Service – a free service set up by the Government to help people manage their money.

Step Change Debt Charity – offers expert advice and practical solutions to problem debt.

Turn to Us – a free service that helps people in financial need to access welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through partner organisations. 

Guide to Universal Credit by Lisa Manners


Action Homeless – charity based in Leicestershire dedicated to tackling the causes and consequences of homelessness. Undertakes preventative work in the community to stop homelessness from occurring, especially amongst groups of people who are particularly at risk.

Crisis – national charity for single homeless people. site – emergency housing if homeless.

Shelter – gives practical housing advice and support online, in person and by phone. Expert advisers give free, confidential advice 365 days a year, helping with everything from mortgage arrears to finding a place to sleep. Call 0808 800 4444.

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  1. julie

    If a child is under a section 20 and is in a care home are they entitled to free school meals ?

    1. Sarah Phillimore Post author

      I confess I don’t know – if you look at the various provisions that follow section 20 in the Children Act, the LA have a duty to provide for a child they are accommodating, so I assume the school meals are going to get paid for under those sections?

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