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Charity helping families stay together faces closure

On December 16th we got an email from someone who has been helped by Families in Care and who is very worried that they might close due to lack of funding. This is just the kind of initiative that could help people all around the country and we hope that it can achieve its fundraising goal.

Happy Christmas EDIT! as of 22nd December, the charity has raised £5K!

She writes:

This is a very small charity which supports, advocates, and advises North East families who are faced with Child Protection Proceedings. It is a very unique charity, but without which my child would not be in my care now. From the first day I contacted them for help … they have advocated for me – fought my corner when I could not, came to every court hearing – and sat holding my hand throughout – and every meeting with the LA, held me up through the darkest of days when it seemed like all hope was lost … and taught me to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.   I receive weekly counselling… Pat, the CEO, has taught me mindfulness, assertiveness, and her unwavering belief in me has had an enormous impact on my self esteem.

Pat has given me confidence enough to apply to University to retrain as a Social Worker, with a view to working as an advocate for Families In Care, and for parents that cannot do it for themselves… Each member of the team has been there day and night, weekdays, weekends and holidays.   They have students – both Law and Social Work – who come in on placement, and many stay on to volunteer… There is a Parents Group for parents who have lost children to adoption, gently supporting them through their own disenfranchised grief process, and Families In Care help parents with Letter Box Contact.

I truly believe this service should be rolled out nationwide and intend to dedicate the rest of my working life to that end. In short, this is a rare gem, a beacon of hope to parents faced with the most horrifying of times.

However, Families In Care are struggling. Having had their funding removed from a particular source, they are now in a position where they face imminent closure. This just cannot happen. It just can’t. So many families rely on their presence, their hands to hold, and their commitment to ensuring parents are heard and fairly treated.

Families In Care have made an Urgent Christmas Appeal for help.  They need £3,000 before January 2015 or they will close.