Match Mothers

Match Mothers  is a charity, run by volunteers, which supports mothers apart from their children, for whatever reason:

  • You have been through divorce and family breakdown
  • Your child has been fostered, taken into care or adopted
  • You are a mother in prison
  • Personal reasons or choice
  • Religious and cultural
  • Your child has been abducted


What it offers

It offers uncritical support, from other mothers who are in similar situations. There is an annual membership fee , but there are concessions for those on low incomes. The first line of support is online, via the website where there are various sources of information available including about family courts and links to resources. Members can also contact each other via the forum, either in a public post or a private message. There is also a private Face book group, which is strictly available for members only. In addition there are a number of local support groups where members can meet face to face and a pen friend matching service. There are two get together’s a year, free to attend, one in the South and one in the North of England, which are very social able meetings with fantastic raffles.

Why it helps?

It can be very isolating being a mother apart from your children. There is still significant stigma, mothers apart being judged far more harshly than their male counterparts. Just realising that you are not the only one is a relief. More experienced members can offer their personal experience in trying to either maintain contact or offer you hope for the future.
A monthly newsletter, offers members a chance to tell their stories and shares relevant topics that may be of interest to members on subjects such as parental alienation .
Members have also taken part in research and shared their stories with journalists who have contacted Match Mothers which has increased awareness.

How to contact ?

One thought on “Match Mothers

  1. Amber Hartman

    I have met both Match Mothers and Families Need Fathers, spent considerable time talking to them and have referred people to them.

    They are both professional and a valuable resource.

    For children I recommend Voices in the Middle- a group of inspirational young people, recognised by many Family Lawyers who have signed up to be members, helping them to grow.


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