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  • Love is not enough a series of programmes made by the BBC following the adoption process in the UK, following 4 families from the initial interview stage through to the placement and beyond. 
  • Panorama The Truth About Adoption Filmed in Coventry, this documentary covers the search for an adoptive family for two sisters, decision making about the future of 3 children in care, and the story of a little boy whose foster parents want to adopt him but whose birth mother wants him back.
  • A Home For Maisie In her 8 years of life, Maisie has lived in 10 different homes and been through 2 adoption disruptions. She has significant emotional and behavioural needs. Social services have placed her for adoption one final time, with a couple who have already adopted 8 older children, but if this doesn’t work out, Maisie will spend the rest of her childhood in care. This documentary follows the family and Maisie as they go through therapy at Family Futures, an organisation with a 95% success rate at keeping families together.


Special Guardians




Jo Brand and Alan Davies appear in ‘Damned’ on Sky Arts, a comedy/drama about a social work team struggling in a chaotic office. Read Jo Brand’s interview with the Radio Times and how she hopes this programme will show people what its really like to be a social worker.

Silent Witness – Protection. BBC Drama from January 2015, focusing on how the social services ‘deal with the issue of abusive or neglectful parents, giving the well-worn theme a new slant that wisely avoided black-and-white right and wrong moralising’ (review from The Edge).