4 thoughts on “What happens when you abandon the rule of law?

  1. Angelo Granda

    I agree with you,Sarah.I also fear that standards of proof and process will change for criminal cases.
    It was in the news this weekend,an ex- leader of a political party in Scotland has been threatened because of alleged sexual ‘impropriety’, defamed etc.
    God forbid it that rape cases or murder cases be subjected to the civil law standards of proof,closed private hearings ,no jury ,best evidence and so on.
    I am so glad you have remarked on the similarities with social work.The current system is by no means perfect; it is out of control and why is that? Because the control mechanisms are disregarded ,that is legal guidelines,frameworks and openness.
    Sarah.I think journalists are in it to court populism and sell their articles and grow their readership.On social media,there are few controls and much of that written is probably on the level of hate-mail as you have encountered before re-Hampstead hoax.
    I hope you don’t get more as a result of your honesty in the post.
    I never go on Twitwitter or the Facebook.

    1. Sarah Phillimore Post author

      Anyone who choses to ‘attack’ me on line for views which I honestly hold and which are based on thought, discussion and research, simply flags up their inability to make their point in a way to encourage anyone else to listen. They are to be pitied rather than hated. Those who take their campaigns off line must surely by now have enough proof that I will deal with them, and if they remain unsure on that point I am happy to continue to provide proof.

  2. Angelo Granda

    Whilst we are on this subject,Sarah,I may as well alert you,in case you don’t know already,how LA child – protection professionals ( in collaboration with the Police cp squad) contrive to pervert facts and abuse the human rights of citizens by treating innocent men as guilty without any rule of law.
    1.Make false allegations of a sexual nature or coach a disturbed child in their power to make them.
    2.Report dishonestly to all around including carers,schools,doctors,lawyers and IRO’s that there has been a DISCLOSURE made by the child against the father of a sexual nature and that Police are investigating.Refuse to even discuss it with him or tell him what the allegations are.

    3.Stop contact with the child,’sack’ Dad from any chance of a normal life just on the strength of the false allegations.
    4.Police……. In reality they don’t make any attempt to investigate and Dad waits and waits.
    5.They neither arrest or charge him with anything and the IRO and LA refuse to discuss matters while a so-called police investigation is ongoing.

    Is that abandoning the rule of law?

  3. Angelo Granda

    And ,of course ,there will be no physical,scientific,forensic evidence ( not a shred) to support the allegations.
    Very often also the same strategy is applied in many cases where allegations are not of a sexual nature e.g. those of neglect and general child abuse .Allegations are MISrepresented and disguised as fact to other professionals and decision-making bodies.
    I am glad that lawyers are now opening their eyes,getting more with it and facing up to what happens when LA’s and any other powerful group abandons the rule of law.


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